Tree Project

The Jaguar Simola Hillclimb aim to raise funds in support of the Greenpop: Eden Regeneration Festival. These funds will go towards the clearing of Alien Vegetation, as well as, the planting of indigenous trees in the areas affected by the devastating fires of June 2017.

Tree will be planted in Featherbed Nature Reserve & Phantom Forest. Both of these localities are private nature reserves and key tourist attractions in the area that were severely affected by the fires, with little vegetation left in place.

The scope of the project goes much further than tree planting – it’s priority is to restore the forest canopy, the biodiversity that this supports and in turn the vital ecosystem services that this forest system provides.

Every competitor entry fee, for the 2018 event, included the cost of one Tree – therefore, 148 Trees have already been “purchased.” We would like to set a target of a minimum of 1 500 trees, to be donated to the Project by the 15th of May 2018.

Help us achieve our goal to aid the REGREENING of the Garden Route by purchasing ONE Tree, if not TEN!

Please note that the cost to plant one Tree is R120,00.