Where is the Simola Hill?

It is just off the N2 on the George side of Knysna up Old Cape / Salt River Roads. Click here to open a Google Map.

How do I get there?

Follow the signs from entrances to Knysna.

Where do I park?

Spectators in passenger cars:
Should there be rain and adverse conditions, we encourage passenger cars to make use of the shuttle service from the Knysna High School Sports field, in Trotter Street. The shuttles will run directly to the ticket gates. The cost is R25 return per person.
Click here for a Public Parking & Shuttle map.

Spectators in 4×4’s:
4×4’s are welcome to park in the Public Parking area close to the event in any conditions. Turn off the N2 at “Simola Eastford” robot. Follow Jaguar Simola Hillclimb signs to the entrance of the parking area.

Pit Priority Parking
If you have purchased a Pit Priority Parking ticket, drive along the Old Cape Road towards the Pits where your ticket will be scanned and you will be directed to the Parking 1 area.
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a printed QR code ticket or a copy of the QR code on your phone, you will not gain access.

VIP Parking
If you have purchased Le Mans VIP Lounge or The Piston Club hospitality tickets, please visit our Welcome Centre, located at the Knysna High School fields in Trotter Street, to collect your access wristband and parking sticker. The Welcome Centre will be open from Wednesday 2 May – Saturday 5 May from 9am to 5pm.
If you have a Le Mans VIP Lounge ticket, you are encouraged to make use of the VIP Shuttle which leaves from the Welcome Centre. The VIP Shuttle will take you to the pit entrance which is a short walk to the Le Mans VIP Lounge. Should you wish to drive to the event, there is a VIP Parking area which is longer walk to the Pit entrance.
If you have The Piston Club hospitality tickets, please drive to Parking 9, which is accessible via the Simola Hotel.
See Map for details.

Where can I buy tickets?

General Entry tickets, Pit Access tickets, Weekend Passes and Pit Priority Parking tickets are available online and at the Pit Entrance and Mara Public Parking gates during the weekend.
Please click here to buy your tickets online.
All ticket prices include VAT.

Must I purchase Pit Access tickets if I want to walk around the pits?

Yes. Unfortunately, the pit area became very congested in previous years, therefore we have had to limit the numbers for safety reasons by charging for entry. Our Pit Access tickets now include General Entry in the price and are limited to 400 tickets per day, so we recommend that you purchase them online before they sell out.

What are the opening hours?

Gates open at 7.30am

Is food and drink available?


What type of food and drinks can one expect to buy?

There are a variety of vendors on site selling hamburgers, boerie rolls, chips, chicken schnitzel rolls, beer, water, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, etc. A sit down restaurant is available at the Simola Hotel.

How many food court areas are there?

Three: Gasoline Alley, Pit Stop (opposite the Pits) and the Esses area. The food types available at each may vary.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No, unfortunately not. The liquor licensing regulations prevent us from allowing you to bring your own alcohol onto the premises.

Can I bring chairs and umbrellas?

Yes. If not chairs, you can bring a blanket or type of ground sheet to sit on.

What is the daily itinerary?

Cars will be on track from 8.30am to 3pm (Friday), 9am to 5pm (Saturday) and 4pm (Sunday) with a one hour lunch break. Please see the event schedule here.

Where do I view the action?

There are multiple view points. The most popular are:

  • Above the pits where you can see the pit activity and the start line action;
  • Corner 2 where you can see the car leave the start, negotiate corners 1 and 2 and then blast up the hill to their maximum speeds;
  • Corner 3 (Bridge corner) at Gasoline Alley where you will see the cars enter at high speed, negotiate a tight left handed off-camber corner and then accelerate up the hill;
  • The Esses banking where you will see the cars exit corner 3, accelerate to over 200km/h (certain cars) and then negotiate the “S” bends.

Please click here for Maps.

Is there a disabled viewing deck?

Yes. It is a specially constructed deck offering good viewing of the track. It is located between corners 5 and 6 (The Esses banking) with parking close by. There is shade, and a disabled toilet on the deck. Please click here for Maps and Viewing Sites information.

Is there a programme that one can buy?

Yes. It will be available at ticket points and info kiosks.

How can I hear the action?

We have a public address system along the entire course.

Should I bring ear protection?

It is not essential, but recommended for sensitive ears.

What are the medical facilities?

We will have paramedics on site.

Can I purchase VIP Hospitality tickets?

Yes. All details and prices are available here.

Is there a dress code in the VIP Hospitality facility?

No, but don’t come naked!
However, for Classic Car Friday we are encouraging our guests to dress up in 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s outfits. Pick the era of your favourite car and dress up in support. Just choose any period for the fun of it.

Is there a VIP Shuttle?

Yes. A VIP Shuttle is available for all Le Mans Lounge ticket holders. Secure VIP Parking is located at the Knysna High School fields in Trotter Street. The VIP Shuttle will take you to the pit entrance gate, where you will have a short walk to the Le Mans VIP Lounge. The VIP Shuttles will do return trips to the VIP Parking throughout the day.

How many tickets will be on sale for the Le Mans VIP Lounge?

200 per day.


For security reasons, dogs and drones are not allowed at the event.