We’re Going Cashless

The 2018 Jaguar Simola Hillclimb will be a completely cashless event, meaning that you will use your Access wristband or a Howler Loaded Card to transact within the entire event. From merchandise to food and beverages, all will be available at the tap of your wristband or card!

Cashless payments will make your #JaguarSHC experience easier, faster and safer.


  • Collect your wristband/card at the entrance.
  • Topup at any Howler Loaded Stations, situated throughout the event with cash or a credit or debit card.

Will there be ATM on site?
There will be NO ATM’s on site, but you can load your wristbands with Credit/Cheque/Debit cards or Cash at each of the Get Loaded stations situated throughout the event grounds.


  • Pair your event cashless card/wristbands to your online account during the event.
  • Cashout to any South African bank account and receive your remaining funds 72 hours after the event.
  • Sign up for auto cashout and have your left-over funds automatically cashed out.