2024 Simola Hillclimb – Competitor Final Instructions

Dear Competitor


We hope that your preparations for the upcoming Simola Hillclimb are going well, and that you are as excited as we are to be racing again on the Simola Hill!

Please read this communication carefully as we will be filling you in on important essential procedures and information that has to be followed!


  1. In line with Supplementary Regulations (SR’s) It is a requirement of participation that you sign up to the official Simola Hillclimb notice board on WhatsApp:  https://chat.whatsapp.com/FnGDGP1KfoiIaCqlXQzwdZ
  2. Competitor communication covering all aspects of the Hillclimb, both prior to, and during the event will be distributed via this WhatsApp Group Notice Board, therefore it is compulsory that you join immediately as communications will begin soon.
  3. Your entry fee includes four entry passes (one competitor and three crew members).
    Extra Pit Access Tickets can be bought online or at the gates (they are limited though so could be sold out). Please remember to buy General Access & Upgrade to include Pit Access, relevant to the days you wish the extra crew to attend. Click here to buy additional tickets.
  4. Our Welcome Centre will be located at the Knysna Bowling Club. Your access passes and a 2024 Simola Hillclimb Cap must be collected at the Welcome Centre during opening hours. If you have purchased additional tickets via the online system, you can also redeem them at the Welcome Centre. A map to the Welcome Centre and opening times can be found here.
  5. Scrutineering will take place in Hedge Street, Knysna Central.
  6. Race Numbers will be handed out at Scrutineering.
  7. Entry list: The 2024 Final Entry lists can be found here.
  8. Programme of Events: Please check the latest Event Schedule.
  9. Read the Regulations (SR’s) again for your full understanding .


  1. On Race Days the event grounds will be accessible via the Paddocks Ticket Gate from 06h30. Gates open for public access from 07h30 daily.
  2. MAP – Download access map here.
  3. PIT ALLOCATIONS: The pit allocations and competition numbers will be as published in the Final Entry List. Classes will be pitted together, car numbers will relate to pit allocation and starting order. Please stick the Pit Allocation sticker on your windscreen, as well as the smaller competitor number. The number placement guide can be found here.
  4. CLASSIC CAR FRIDAY competitors:
    You may only access your allocated pits from 10h00 onwards on Thursday, 2 May 2024. Classic Car competitors must vacate their pit as soon as possible after the event on Friday afternoon no later than 90 minutes after the final run. Trailers / tow vehicles are to be removed from the pit area immediately after the off-loading operation has been completed and trailers are to be moved to the designated trailer park. You will be guided by marshals.
  5. KING OF THE HILL competitors:
    You may only access your allocated pits from 17h30 onwards on Friday, 3 May 2024 due to the Classic Car Friday event finishing at 16h00. Trailers / tow vehicles are to be removed from the pit area immediately after the off-loading operation has been completed and trailers are to be moved to the designated trailer park. You will be guided by marshals.


  1. Electricity supply will be provided to the Pit Complex by means of a generator. Due to noise disturbance to residents in the area the generators will run to limited hours throughout the weekend. These hours are scheduled to be from 06h00 to 21h00 but may be changed at the discretion of the Organiser.
  2. Competitors are reminded to provide their own extension leads and lighting.
  3. Competitors are requested to refrain from using noisy equipment or playing loud music before 07h00 and after 19h00.


There is limited space along the embankment opposite the pits for competitors to erect gazebos and seating. This operates on a first come first serve basis, and is limited to one 3 x 3m gazebo per team until such time as all space is taken.


  1. In fairness to our sponsors who are important role players in making the Hillclimb happen, we do not allow any team / private sponsor branding outside of the pits.
  2. You are allowed to erect branding within your allocated pit area. The pits are cramped, therefore please respect your fellow pit driver/car/team who may also want to erect branding. We request you to work together to both get fair exposure and make the pits neat and appealing.


You will receive 1x P1 per entry. Should you wish to purchase more parking in this area, please buy Pit Priority Parking online here.
Trailers – follow signage directing you to P1.


  1. For live timing please download and access the Race Monitor app.
  2. Please tag @SimolaHillclimb and use the official hashtag: #SHC, when posting about the event!
  3. The event will be broadcast in its entirety on our live stream feed. Follow the links from www.simolahillclimb.com.