2024 Simola Hillclimb – Final Partner Preparations

Dear Partner,

We hope that your preparations for the upcoming Simola Hillclimb are going well, and that you are as excited as we are to be racing again on the Simola Hill!

Please read this communication carefully in preparation!


  1. Our Welcome Centre will be at the Knysna Bowling Club. A map can be found here. This is where you will collect your accreditation for access to the event grounds between 3-5 May.
  2. Entry list: The 2024 Entry Final lists can be found here.
  3. Programme of Events: Please check the latest Event Schedule.


  1. MAP – Download access map here.
  2. Electricity in the Pit Lane – Generators will be delivered on 29 April, connected and then testing will begin, power may be available from the afternoon of 29 April. Power will definitely be available from 30 April. Please ensure you are self-sufficient before then.
  3. Toilets -A toilet will be open for use on the Lower Pit Road from 12 March 2024. Additional toilets will be made available from 2 May.
  4. Transporter Parking Area – Please do not park any vehicles in the Transporter Parking Area from Wednesday, 1 May onwards.


  • Access to the Event grounds will be controlled from Friday, 3 May – Sunday, 5 May.
  • No Accreditation is required for Build or Strike (except for those requiring access to the Simola Estate)
  • Please ensure all staff are accounted for in your Accreditation Request Form, which should be submitted to your relevant KSF contact no later than 10 April 2024.
  • Accreditation will be available for collection from the Welcome Centre during the week of the event, collection details will be shared with the relevant contact person from your company.
  • Please ensure staff have their wristbands on their arms before entering the event grounds daily and that your Vehicle Access Pass is stuck to the inside of your windscreen.


Click here to view the 2024 Simola Hillclimb Branding Plan.

All branding must be in place no later than 17h00 on Thursday, 2 May.

Partners with Track Branding – please be reminded to arrange a meeting with the COC prior to set up of on-track branding. Exact placement of all TRACK branding is subject to the approval of the COC who will consult with the Safety Officer.



AREA Date Start Time End Time
CCF Scrutineering 02-May 09h00 14h30
KOH Scrutineering 03-May 08h00 14h30
CCF Parade 02-May 14h45 15h15
KOH Parade 03-May 17h15 17h45
Bridge Erection 26-Apr TBC TBC
Bridge Strike 10-May TBC TBC
Start Gantry Erection 02-May 14h00 15h00
Start Gantry Strike 06-May 12h00 13h00
Ticket Gates (Pits & Main) 03-May 07h30 14h00
4, 5 May 07h30 15h00
Ticket Gate (Paddock) 03-May 06h30 16h00
4, 5 May 06h30 17h00
Mara Gate Opening Times 2-5 May 06h30 19h00
Green Pastures Gate 3-5 May 06h30 19h00
Bevan Gate 1 (Bridge Corner) 3-5 May 06h30 17h30
Bevan Gate 2 (i-way gates) 2-5 May 06h30 19h00
Welcome Centre Operating Hours 01-May 10h00 17h00
02-May 07h00 17h00
03-May 07h00 18h00
04-May 07h00 15h00
05-May 07h00 12h00
Hospitality Facilities 03-May 07h45 17h30
04-May 08h30 17h30
05-May 08h30 18h00
Bar Operating Hours: Friday 03-May 10h00 18h00
Bar Operating Hours: Saturday 04-May 10h00 19h00
Bar Operating Hours: Sunday 05-May 10h00 18h00
Mobican Operating Hours 3-5 May 08h00 17h00
Pit Vendor operating times 3-5 May 07h30 17h00
Gasoline Alley and Turn 2 Vendor operating times 3-5 May 08h00 17h00
Simola Road Closures – Event Days 3-5 May 06h00 19h00
Generator Running Times 29 April- 1 May 08h00 18h00
2-5 May 06h00 21h00
Public Town to Venue Shuttle operating times 03-May 07h00 18h00
4-5 May 07h00 18h00
PG Internal Venue Shuttle 3-5 May 07h30 18h00
Supplier Build and Strike Hours Weekdays 08h00 18h00
Weekend and Public Holidays 08h30 17h30
Access to Simola Estate Weekdays ONLY 08h00 17h00
Electric Fence Deactivation 3-5 May 06h00 19h00
Turn 2, Gasoline Alley, Esses Fence Gates Open 3-5 May 06h30 19h00
Simola Diverted Traffic Booms 3-5 May 06h30 19h00
Prize Giving CCF (estimate times) 03-May 15h35  
Prize Giving KOH (estimate times) 05-May 16h00  


  1. For live timing please download and access the Race Monitor app.
  2. Please tag @SimolaHillclimb and use the official hashtag: #SHC, when posting about the event!
  3. The event will be broadcast in its entirety on our live stream feed. Follow the links from www.simolahillclimb.com.