2021 SHC Classic Car Friday – Qualifying 1

It looks like a new Classic Car Friday record will be on the cards today, if Franco Scribante’s performance during the opening qualifying round is anything to go by. He powered the 1972 Chevron B26 up the 1.9 km Simola Hill in 39.932 seconds – beating his current record of 42.056 sec from previous years in the Chevron B19. However only times set in the Class Finals and Classic Conqueror Top 10 Shootout count in the final standings.

“There’s very little grip out there and it’s still slightly damp at the top of the course, so we’ll definitely go quicker as the day progresses,” Scribante says. “At this stage the track feels more slippery than it’s ever been, so I don’t think we will match the performance of previous events. I’ll be happy with a time in the low 38-second mark, although I was expecting the B26 to be in the 37s.”

Once again Ian Schofield was the second quickest on 41.813 seconds, slashing 3.9 sec off his earlier time, ahead of Robert Wolk (47.235 sec) and Chriz Knezovich (47.490 sec). Andre Bezuidenhout cut three seconds from his time so far on 47.523 sec, followed by Rui Campos (47.917 sec), Enzo Kuun (48.306 sec), Graeme Nathan (50.049 sec), Johan du Bruyn (50.254 sec) and Josh Dovey (50.594 sec).

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