2021 SHC King of the Hill – Practice 2

The King of the Hill competitors had a clean second practice session, with Andre Bezuidenhout cementing his status as the man to beat by topping the times at 37.934 seconds. Robert Wolk slotted into second, completing the 1.9 km run in 40.974 seconds.

“It’s a fair start, and is where we wanted to be,” Bezuidenhout said. “The car is feeling great, the track is good and the temperature is perfect. There’s just a bit of water running across the road still from the morning at one of the corners, so we need to be careful there but hopefully that dries up soon.”

Wade van Zummeren was the first of the tin-top racers on 41.954 in the R34 GT-R, followed by Dawie Joubert (42.918 sec), Anton Cronje (43.606 sec) in the 2013 Subaru WRX STi, Pieter Zeelie (43.975 sec) in the 2002 Toyota MR2, Byron Mitchell (44.631 sec), Franco Scribante (44.784 sec), Franco di Matteo (45.066 sec) 2000 Jaguar V8 Supercar and Rui Campos (45.066 sec).

James Forbes picked up a puncture on his run in the 2006 ADR Suzuki endurance racer, having set a time of 51.891 seconds in the first practice.

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