2021 SHC King of the Hill – Practice 3

The Simola Hillclimb’s King of the Hill times are tumbling as the drivers familiarise themselves with the 1.9 km Simola Hill, with Andre Bezuidenhout continuing to top the charts and closing in on his 2018 record (35.528 sec). He posted a time of 36.002 seconds – achieving an average speed from a standing start of 189.989 km/h in his 2007 Gould GR55.

Robert Wolk was second – but three seconds adrift – on 39.028 seconds, now running super-soft hillclimb tyres for the first time on his A1 GP car, having used normal circuit racing tyres previously. “It has been two and a half years since we’ve raced this car, so today is all about getting back up to speed and checking the car is working properly so we can at least have a decent run at it tomorrow,” Wolk said.

“The hillclimb tyres have a lot more initial grip, but I haven’t really pushed them yet. As we go, I’ll start understanding the tyres better and fine-tuning the car. There’s a lot to be done on the live racing system we’ve now fitted to the A1 GP so we’re ticking all those boxes so we can have a proper run by the end of today. I’ve done a 36.5 second time before, so hopefully I can get into the 35-second mark when we get the car fully sorted and I’ve got some confidence in the setup.”

Devin Robertson powered his rapid Radical Clubsport to the third-fastest time for the session of 42.288 sec, with Pieter Zeelie 0.3 seconds behind him. Mitchell was fifth (42.677 sec), followed by Dawie Joubert (42.695 sec), Wade van Zummeren (43.145 sec), Andre Rackstraw in the 2002 Reynard Formula VW (43.475 sec), Franco di Matteo (43.587 sec) and Franco Scribante (43.681 sec) in 10th.

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