2022 SHC King of the Hill – Practice 4

The 1.9 km Simola Hill course continues to dry, although wet patches remain on the 1.9 km course, and competitors are starting to push a lot harder. The fourth and final practice session was brought to a halt when Udo de Beurges lost control of his 2019 Audi RSQ3 as he crossed the off-camber finish line, hitting the tyre barrier and rolling into the trees. Although the car was extensively damaged in the crash, de Beurges fortunately emerged unscathed.

Andre Bezuidenhout was comfortably the fastest competitor in P4, blasting the Gould GR55 to a 37.466-second time – just 2.5 sec off his current record from last year (34.965 sec), despite still running in wet weather tyres!

Robert Wolk dropped four seconds to power the screaming Infinity-powered Pillbeam to the second fastest time (41.527 sec), ahead of Mitchell (42.692 sec) and Devon Robertson in the Suzuki-powered 1992 Radical SR1 ProSport (43.162 sec). Franco Scribante did a slower installation lap with a set of slick tyres, while Reghard Roets chose not to go out in the final practice.

Dawie Joubert has been struggling with an engine calibration issue on the Ferrari V8 turbo-engined 2001 Lotus Exige, so it’s yet on the pace of the front-runners.

Several competitors had their times deleted after clipping the corner markers, so precision will be key during the afternoon’s three qualifying sessions.

* Pictures may be from earlier runs in the day

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