2023 SHC King of the Hill – Qualifying 4

The weather gods have thrown a spanner in the works for the opening sessions for the second and final day of the King of the Hill challenge at the 2023 Simola Hillclimb.

Overnight rain left the 1.9 km course wet and slippery for the morning warm-up session, but the road was drying until half-way through Qualifying 4 when the heavens suddenly opened, resulting in some wild moments as competitors were caught out in the rapidly changing conditions.

Anthony Taylor had the scariest run of all as the track had suddenly become soaked through the Esses at the top of the course, and he had the Ford Ranger Raptor all out of shape but used his many years of circuit and rally-raid experience to bring it under control. With dirt thrown onto the road, the remainder of the session was cancelled so it could be cleaned up for Q5.

Castrol Motorpress
Release compiled by Colin Mileman (082-897-6145 colin@milemanmedia.co.za)