Food & Trade Vendor Application


Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2019 Jaguar Simola Hillclimb as a Vendor!
Please read below before applying:

  • The stand must be manned on all 3 days:
    • Fri: 08h30 – 15h30
    • Sat: 08h30 – 17h00
    • Sun: 08h30– 16h00
  • Applicants will be allocated to either the Pits or Gasoline Alley at the discretion of the organizers, however please note that we charge a premium to trade at the Pits.
  • All safety arrangements will be made around the placement of your stall, therefore moving, in any way, from you allocated position will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.
  • You are to provide your own safety equipment, namely fire extinguishers and fire blankets. There will be an inspection by the Fire Chief and Event Safety Officer.
  • Due to power consumption restrictions, power will be charged for. Please ensure that your equipment is in good working order. If your equipment is the cause of the power tripping it will be disconnected for the rest of the event and the Organisers will not be held responsible or liable. Please note that the use of urns is strictly forbidden. Please bring your own extension cords and leads and adaptors.
  • No overhead cover, tables or furniture will be provided by the Organiser. Please bring your own.
  • Stall set-up must be completed by 17:00 on 2 May 2019, there will be no early morning setup on 3 May 2019. An organiser will be on site from 14:00 onwards to assist with directions/positioning and any questions. No vendor will be allowed entry to their allocated area before 14:00. There will be security on site from Thursday evening until Monday morning (6 May), however the Organisers will not be held responsible for any theft whatsoever.
  • Please note: Gasoline Alley will only be accessible via the track and Simola Gate 3 on Thursday afternoon. Please use gate 2 for the rest of the event.
  • Set-up will only be allowed in designated stall number/area, which will be allocated to each vendor once applications are approved. If any vendor attempts to move their stall away from allocated area/number, without the permission of the organisers, we will have to ask said vendor to leave the venue with no refund.
  • The organisers will not be held responsible for bad weather, lack of spectators etc. NO REFUNDS will be entertained. The organisers cannot be held responsible for one area being more successful than another
  • Based on feedback from vendors we will not have the Howler cashless system in place in 2019. Each vendor will be in charge of their own cash management for the duration of the event. The event will not provide floats or storage for cash. For more information contact
  • By filling in the below document, you agree to receive communications from the organizers of the event.
I agree to the terms & conditions?