What is the Simola Hillclimb?

The Simola Hillclimb is widely regarded as South Africa’s premier annual motoring and motorsport lifestyle event, delivering an unparalleled mix of high-adrenaline action in an accessible and enthralling format designed for the whole family.
First staged in 2009, the Simola Hillclimb has rapidly grown from humble beginnings to become the must-attend event of the year for spectators and many of the biggest names in motorsport. It also attracts high-profile celebrities, having hosted the likes of Hollywood star Sharlto Copley, Miss South Africa and newly crowned Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, as well as several Springbok rugby players including captain Eben Etzebeth.
The eleventh edition of the Hillclimb takes place from 7 to 10 May 2020 in the beautiful Garden Route town of Knysna. Tickets can be purchased online, offering exceptional value for General Entry, Pit Access and Weekend Passes. Exclusive VIP Hospitality packages are also available.

Where is the Simola Hill?

The Simola Hill is on Old Cape Road which is the road to the Simola Golf and Country Estate in Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.
From the N2 on the George/Western side of Knysna, follow signs up the Old Cape Road to get to the event.
Click here to open a Google Map.


General Entry

General Entry tickets allow you access into the event grounds but do not allow access to:

  • The Pits
  • Turn 2 Grandstand
  • All Hospitality facilities (Le Mans VIP Lounge, The Piston Club)

VIP Entry

VIP Entry tickets allow you access into the event grounds and the Pits together with either:

  • Le Mans VIP Lounge
  • The Piston Club

For more information about what is offered at these facilities, please click here for a brochure.
Le Mans VIP Lounge and Piston Club ticket holders will be required to collect their access wristbands at the Welcome Centre which is located in Trotter Street, Knysna.

The Welcome Centre will open on:
Wednesday 6 May | 10h00 – 17h00 (Suppliers, volunteers and vendors only)
Thursday 7 May | 07h00 – 17h00
Friday 8 May | 07h00 – 18h00
Saturday 9 May | 07h00 – 15h00
Sunday 10 May | 07h00 – 12h00

You have a choice of taking a Shuttle from Trotter Street, Knysna to the Pit Ticket Entrance (R25 return), or parking in the Pit Priority Parking area. This parking area is close to the Pits, but is not accessible for low/sports vehicles as the access road is a dirt road. One parking sticker for every 2 Le Mans VIP Hospitality tickets.

Upgrades & Extras

Upgrades will be available to everyone once you have purchased your General Entry or VIP Entry ticket.

Access into the pitlane is restricted in numbers and is tightly controlled for safety reasons. Add this upgrade to get close to the cars, speak to the drivers and enjoy the smell of rubber and launch sounds at the Start line. Do not delay – tickets are limited and sell out fast, so book now!
Situated at the second corner from the start, this 400-seater grandstand offers you a view of the Start line and the uphill to The Bridge where front runner cars reach up to 250km/h. Limited seating, this is a popular spot so book your seat now!
Pit Priority Parking allows a ticket holder to park closer to the Pits in a field nearby. Not advisable for Piston Club ticket holders nor for low/sports vehicles as access is via a dirt road. Also not advisable in rainy wet conditions.
If you have General Entry tickets, the elderly and young children should be dropped off at the Pit Ticket Entrance before you continue down to the parking as there is a walk along a dirt road from the Pit Priority Parking to the Pit Ticket Entrance. If you have purchased a Pit Access upgrade, you will have access via the back entrance to the Pits.
Pit Priority Parking stickers must be collected from the Pit Priority Parking collection point at Muse restaurant on Old Cape Road, located shortly after turning off the N2, before arriving at the event. It will be clearly signposted and is en-route to the event.


Parking is available in the Main Public Parking area which gives access via the Main Ticket Entrance into Gasoline Alley midway up the hill. The parking is on a grass field and not suitable for low vehicles.
After purchasing/redeeming your entry tickets, proceed via the bridge into Gasoline Alley (see Spectator map here).
**Should there be rain, we encourage passenger cars to make use of the shuttle service leaving from  Trotter Street. The shuttles will run directly to the Main Ticket Entrance and Pit Ticket Entrance gates. The cost is R25 return per person. Click here for a Shuttle map.

PIT PRIORITY PARKING stickers must be collected en-route to the event from the Pit Priority Parking collection point at Muse restaurant on Old Cape Road, shortly after turning off the N2. It will be clearly signposted.
Please have your printed Pit Priority Parking tickets and any other tickets ready for scanning. You will be issued with a parking sticker which you need to attach to your car windscreen. Without this sticker, you will not have access into the Pit Priority Parking.
General Entry ticket holders will need to walk from the Pit Priority Parking to the Pit Ticket Entrance Gate to gain access to the event. If you have purchased a Pit Access upgrade, you will have to redeem your tickets at the Pit Ticket Entrance, and follow signage to get into the Pits. VIP Entry tickets will allow access directly into the Pit lane from the back entrance.
Once at the track, we suggest you drop off elderly people and young children at the circle near the Pit Ticket Entrance before proceeding to the Pit Priority Parking.
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a printed QR code ticket or a copy of the QR code on your phone, you will not gain access.

The Le Mans VIP Lounge parking area is in the Pit Priority Parking area. You will receive one Pit Priority Parking sticker for every 2 Le Mans tickets. In case of rain, we advise that you catch the Shuttle that leaves from  Trotter Street, Knysna. The Shuttle (R25 per person return) will take you to the Pit Ticket Entrance, which is a short walk away from the Le Mans VIP Lounge facility.

Option 1:
Catch one of the Shuttles departing from Trotter Street in Knysna. The shuttles which will take you to the Pit Ticket Entrance gate (R25 per person return). From here please catch the complimentary Piston Club Shuttle which will drop you at The Piston Club.
Option 2:
Drive to the event and park in the dedicated Piston Club Parking area in the Main Public Parking. Follow the signs to Piston Club Parking P9. Walk across the Bridge and follow signage to The Piston Club.
PLEASE NOTE: Access to The Piston Club parking area is on a dirt road. It is not recommended for low vehicles or if it is raining.

What are the opening hours?

Gates open at 7.30am. Please note that Hospitality facilities will open at 9am.

What are the opening hours of the Welcome Centre?

Welcome Centre Opening Times
Wednesday 6 May | 10h00 – 17h00 (Suppliers, volunteers and vendors only)
Thursday 7 May | 07h00 – 17h00
Friday 8 May | 07h00 – 18h00
Saturday 9 May | 07h00 – 15h00
Sunday 10 May | 07h00 – 12h00

What is the daily itinerary?

Cars will be on track from 8.30am to 3pm (Friday), 9am to 5pm (Saturday) and 4pm (Sunday) with a one hour lunch break. Please see the event schedule here.

Where can I buy a Hillclimb Magazine with a programme?

The Hillclimb Magazine will be available at the Main Ticket entrance and the Pit Ticket entrance points.

Is food and drink available?

Yes, there will be various food stalls available in the following areas:

  • The general public area near the Pits;
  • Turn 2 near the Grandstand;
  • Gasoline Alley;
  • Near the Esses.

PLEASE NOTE: No alcohol can be brought into the event. Alcohol is available for purchase at the bars in the above mentioned areas. Please see the Event Rules here.

Can I bring chairs and umbrellas?

Yes. Please see the Event Rules here.

Where do I view the action?

The action can be viewed all along the track. The most popular areas are:

  • The area above the pits is generally accessible and spectators will be able to see the pit activity and the start line action;
  • Turn 2 where you can see the car leave the start, negotiate corners 1 and 2 and then blast up the hill to their maximum speeds;
  • Turn 3 (Bridge corner) at Gasoline Alley where you will see the cars enter at high speed, negotiate a tight left handed off-camber corner and then accelerate up the hill;
  • The Esses banking where you will see the cars exit turn 3, accelerate to over 200km/h (certain cars) and then negotiate the “S” bends.

Is there a disabled viewing area?

Yes. It is a specially constructed platform offering good viewing of the track. It is located between turns 5 and 6 (The Esses banking) with parking close by. There is a disabled toilet on the platform. Please bring umbrellas for shade/rain. Please follow signs to the Simola Hotel and follow Disabled Parking.

Should I bring ear protection?

It is not essential, but recommended for sensitive ears. Hearing protection will be available for purchase from the Merchandise stands in Gasoline Alley and near the Pits.

Are there medical facilities?

We will have paramedics on site at both the Pits and Gasoline Alley.

Is there a dress code in the VIP Hospitality facility?

No, but don’t come naked!
However, for Classic Car Friday we are encouraging our guests to dress up in 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s outfits. Pick the era of your favourite car and dress up in support. Just choose any period for the fun of it.


For security reasons, dogs and drones are not allowed at the event. Please see the Event Rules here.