MasterDrive joins Simola Hillclimb

MasterDrive is pleased to announce a new collaboration, this time with the renowned Simola Hillclimb. The event will take place from 3 to 5 September and even more people can watch the event as the entire hillclimb will be livestreamed and certain parts will be featured on TV as no spectators will be allowed due to COVID-19 protocols.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, is looking forward to joining expertise with such a well-known motoring event in South Africa. “The Simola Hillclimb is a motoring event with a rich history since its start in 2009. We are excited to partner with the organisers on this event as it continues to grow and evolve despite the challenges that COVID-19 presented.

MasterDrive is looking forward to ‘piloting’ the safety cars in the event. This will be done in our Ford Mustangs that will be that will be part of our new programme, TrackMaster. We will also be conducting a race truck demonstration up the hill, a first for the Simola Hillclimb.”

Ian Shrosbree, from the Simola Hillclimb, says they are delighted to welcome MasterDrive to the event as their official safety car sponsor. “MasterDrive is renowned for its road safety ethos and teaching drivers better driving habits and car control.

“While the Simola Hillclimb is a high-speed event, the synergies between the event and MasterDrive are highlighted in their  demonstration of enhanced driving skills, applied technology and vehicle care. The MasterDrive Mustang safety cars and the demonstration race truck are sure to capture the attention of those present at the event and viewing on the live feed,” says Shrosbee.

COVID-19 has presented challenges as many areas still battle to overcome the current wave of infections. “As such no spectators will be allowed at the event but for Simola Hillclimb, however, this also presents an opportunity. Many people who would not ordinarily have been able to attend the event, can still view it on the livestream and when it is aired on SABC 3 on the Sunday.

“We encourage anyone who has not had the opportunity to watch the Simola Hillclimb to join us virtually. It is a unique and entertaining event that every person should witness at least once in their life and the virtual streaming is your chance to do so,” says Herbert.


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About MasterDrive

MasterDrive is a results-driven, driver training organisation that engages with and assists companies in managing driver risk interventions.

The company was established in 1999 and became part of the RAC Group (established in 1997) some 9 years later – in 2008 – and has expanded its field of operation to cover the African continent with dedicated branches in SA’s three main centres.

To that end MasterDrive has a dedicated team of professional, internationally accredited instructors who deliver training on a range of programs that encompass the full spectrum of vehicles – from motorbikes to cars to busses and trucks.

In addition to delivering internationally proven defensive driving courses the company also offers training required by legislation – dangerous goods and forklift – bespoke courses are also available to corporates and emergency services, all with a view to changing and developing driver behaviour.

The company’s proven track record with a number of SA’s top 500 companies ensures that it is a viable operation providing a platform for rolling out its own BBBEE transformation program that contributes toward the wellbeing of all South Africans.

MasterDrive also boasts a proud record of supporting a number of NPO’s whose drive is to educate road users on safety and so enhance the profile of changing behaviour by whatever reasonable means it can promote and offer. These include, but are not limited to, Psychometric assessments, on-road assessments and corporate safety events.

The MasterSuite of products include:

  • MasterDrive
  • MasterBiker
  • MasterTrucker
  • MasterFleet
  • MasterDriver
  • MasterTorque (online motoring publication)

Our Why is summed up as follows:

Making a difference, one day, one kilometre, one life at a time!!!