2021 Virtual Knysna Simola Hillclimb – The Race is On!

KNYSNA, South Africa, 22 March 2021

The highly anticipated Virtual Knysna Simola Hillclimb starts today with the first round of the series emulating the Classic Car Friday (CCF) element of the real event.

As such, in keeping with the classic / historic theme of CCF the first round of the Virtual Knysna Simola Hillclimb will feature the classic Lotus 49 made famous by Jim Clark’s success in the car.

Lotus is a name synonymous with motorsport innovation thanks to founder Colin Chapman’s legendary ground-breaking designs pushing the boundaries of innovation and racking up seven constructors’ championships, six drivers championships, and 79 grand prix’ wins. It is one of the most successful teams in the sport’s history.

Round one of four will run from today (Monday 22nd) to Sunday the 28th March. The final results for the round will be published on Monday 29th.

Round two runs from Monday 29 March to 4 April. Round three will run from 5 – 11 April, and Round Four – the final qualifying round, from 12 – 18 April.

The scores from all four rounds will produce the Top Ten competitors to qualify for the finals on 8 and 9 May and the winner after those two days of competition will be crowned the Virtual King of the Hill that Sunday evening.

Competitors must have Assetto Corsa (PC version only) and a valid steam account. In order to compete, the add-on Virtual Knysna Simola Hillclimb track must be downloaded and installed. Entries in the Virtual Knysna Simola Hillclimb competition is free and no age restrictions are applicable.

Full rules are available here.

For players who do not have Assetto Corsa (Please note: NOT the Competizione version) on their computers, you will need to download the platform at a cost of R130.

Once the game is downloaded, and for those that already have it, the track is an add-on to the platform and must be downloaded here. The download contains a “Read me” file with all the instructions to install the track in Assetto Corsa. There is no charge to download the track. Please note that you need the latest download of the track, published on Monday 21st March.

Following the opening of the game last week, it has been downloaded over 400 times.

Updated information will be posted on our gamers Discord channel and on our social media channels as follows:

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