2023 SHC King of the Hill – Practice 3

Single Seaters and Sports Prototypes:

Andre Bezuidenhout is chipping away at his times and is now just three-tenths off the 44-second mark with a time of 35.298 sec. Robert Wolk is following suit and is currently 1.6 sec off the leading time on 36.943 sec. Several competitors have had their times deleted for clipping the corner markers, with third place going to Byron Mitchell this time in his 2002 Formula VW (41.064 sec).

Modified Saloon Cars:

Reghard Roets made it 3 for 3, dropping slightly by 0.2 sec compared to his P2 run but still going fastest with a time of 39.124 seconds. Petter Solberg posted his first sub-40 second time on 39.848 sec to go second, while Franco Scribante is ramping things up in his wild GT-R, going 1.5 sec faster (39.930 sec) to go third.

Road-going Saloon Cars & Supercars:

JP van der Walt was one of the top competitors in this category who had his time deleted, handing Clinton Weston the advantage with a time of 46.212 seconds, just over two tenths quicker than his P2 run. The field is exceptionally close, with Garth Mackintosh just two hundredths of a second off Weston’s time on 46.268 seconds, with Gordon Nicholson third on 47.071 sec.

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Release compiled by Colin Mileman (082-897-6145 colin@milemanmedia.co.za)