2024 Simola Hillclimb – Saturday Practice 4

The final practice session allowed the competitors to tweak their car set-ups for the afternoon’s upcoming three qualifying runs. Robert Wolk set the fastest overall time in P4, going half a second quicker in the 1989 Pillbeam (38.509 sec) while Rui Campos lost half a second from P3 (42.536 sec) but remained second in class C and 6th overall.

With Reghard Roets electing to sit out of P4, Pieter Zeelie threw his hat into the ring with a storming time of 38.988 seconds – an impressive 1.4 seconds faster than his 2021 winning time in the 2002 Toyota MR2 Super GT, placing him second-fastest to Roets over the four practice runs.

Franco Scribante and his team have been steadily working through the suspension, aerodynamics and electronic set-up of “The Sherriff” R35 GT-R, ending P3 behind Charl Joubert in class B on 41.773 seconds, with his fastest time (40.670 sec) set in P2.

Unfortunately Silvio Scribante retired from the Simola Hillclimb with a broken gearbox on the Audi RS3 time-attack car that was sourced from Sweden.

Clint Weston was the fastest of the standard production cars for this session, crossing the timing beam with his best time of 44.657 seconds in the Mercedes-AMG GT63 E-Performance.

Castrol Motorpress
Release compiled by Colin Mileman (082-897-6145 colin@milemanmedia.co.za)